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Nicotine Cessation

Health Plan Advocate utilizes a motivation-based approach to cessation, focusing on helping each member set reasonable and attainable goals based on their current situation. Our goal is to support the member in the most positive way possible, rather than resorting to scare tactics.

Individual Coaching

HPA's nicotine cessation coaching empowers individuals to kick the habit. Coaches utilize accountability, encouragement, education, education, and provision of resources to establish a relationship with the individual and achieve higher cessation rates.

Studies show that adults learn best when self-directed and that nicotine users are 70% more likely to quit when they work with a coach. HPA strongly believes in the power of motivational interviewing to accomplish this.

Coaching is offered in-person, telephonically, and virtually.

Health Plan Advocate Nicotine Cessation Services

Nicotine Cessation Course

Our Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist will lead members through a 6-week live class, providing them guidance in a support group discussion environment.

Classes follow a process of behavioral, cognitive, and tangible modifications that help participants find triggers, reasons to quit, become prepared to quit, and identify tools to remain nicotine-free.

This course also includes:

  • A workbook with meaningful exercises intended for between classes

  • Marketing materials

  • Program survey

  • Completion report

HPA Nicotine Cessation Participant

“It's given me that extra push. I took ahold of the replacement ideas that were given to me. Before I would grab a cigarette, now I grab a stick of gum."
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