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Engagement & Education

Organizations who provide their employees with health tools, resources, and support are typically the most successful in achieving risk reduction.

HPA's variety of services encompassing coaching, corporate challenges, and educational classes are here to help you make that happen.

Health Coaching

Health coaching is an integral part of wellness programs. It takes the general program to the next level by tailoring services to the needs of each individual member.

HPA's experienced health coaches specialize in motivational interviewing to empower the individual and provide them with self-efficacy.

Health Plan Advocate Health Coaching

What health coaching looks like:

  • Sessions are 20-30 minutes in length

  • Can be done virtually, telephonically, or onsite

  • A variety of topics related to health and wellness can be discussed such as weight management, exercise, stress reduction, and more

Wellness Challenges

Our wellness challenges create some friendly workplace competition, driving member participation and engagement.

Health Plan Advocate Engagement &n Education Services

HPA's wellness challenges include:

  • A variety of timeframes, anywhere from 1-8 weeks

  • Different prize structures

  • Participation tracking

  • Integration with HPA's full wellness portal

  • Focus areas like physical fitness, nutrition, mental health, and more!

Seminars & Workshops

At HPA, we believe in providing a diverse range of educational opportunities designed to meet the needs of your members, regardless of their current condition. 

Features of our seminars:

  • Offered in person or virtually

  • 30-60 minutes in length

  • Offered a la carte or in a series

  • Scheduled when convenient, including lunch and learn formats

Seminar Topics

Physical Health

These workshops empower and educate individuals to fit fitness into their busy lives, get started with a routine, and even manage chronic conditions. 

Financial Wellness

These seminars provide employees with the tools to help eliminate and alleviate stress due to financial issues. Our classes cover topics like budgeting, investing, health care, and retirement.


Our Registered Dietician will walk you through a variety of nutrition topics, including breaking down myths, eating clean on the go, and using food as medicine.

Mental Health

Our mental health partners dive into topics like stress management, work-life balance, and caregiver assistance in a positive, encouraging environment.

HPA Health Coaching Participant

"I now feel like I'm not alone in my health struggles. I feel more motivated to achieve my health goals."
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