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Wellness Program Consulting

Our goal is to help you design and implement a wellness plan specific to your culture, needs, and budget. HPA's custom-build approach has helped us attain high participation levels for our clients, with our average remaining well over the national average of 40%.

With our wellness consulting services, we will not only help you get started, but provide extensive reporting and annual reviews to continually improve your wellness program.

Our Areas of Focus

Building Employee Engagement

We aim for more than participation with the goal of cultivating enthusiasm and active engagement among employees.

Legal Compliance

Our team is knowledgeable of the regulations and legislation surrounding wellness and is ready to guide you through it.

Incentive Design & Management

We evaluate your employee benefits to help determine the best incentive program for you.


Our extensive reporting and continuous review of your wellness program will help you get the best results.

Building Connections

We facilitate connections between your employees and a network of local health resources.


We will integrate your wellness program with your other available employee benefit programs.            

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