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Onsite Health Specialist

While Health Plan Advocate specializes in a la carte services, we find many employers are looking for onsite solutions and need a solid foundation from which to expand their wellness offerings. 

This is where our Onsite Health Specialist service comes in. Your Onsite Health Specialist will regularly connect with your employees through health services, education, and advocacy. Their routine onsite presence is designed to increase employee participation through direct engagement and program clarification.

Benefits of an Onsite Health Specialist

  • Easy-to-access resource for employee questions

  • Fewer wellness responsibilities for HR

  • Direct communication with employees about wellness program

  • HPA presence onsite

Other Services That Can Be Provided by Your Onsite Health Specialist

  • Onsite health coaching

  • Wellness classes

  • Blood pressure checks

  • Health measurements

Health Plan Advocate Onsite Health Specialist
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