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At Health Plan Advocate we believe each organization has its own unique culture, so it should have its own unique approach to employee well-being. Our wellness and advocacy offerings are adaptable to meet your individual needs and are offered a la carte to help you build the perfect program for you.

Learn more about our personalized services below!

Two Men Shaking Hands

At HPA we help turn the daunting task of beginning a wellness program into an easy transition. We're here for you every step of the way to implement your ideal program.

Doctor's Appointment

Assessing the health of your employee population doesn't have to be a hassle. At HPA we offer a range of health assessment services to kickstart your wellness program.

Wellness360 Portal Image.png

Our optimized wellness portal is a powerful tool to unify the employees on your health plan, coordinate wellness program events, and deliver valuable health resources.


We believe that education and motivational tools are the first steps toward making positive health changes. HPA offers a wide range of services to help your employees get started, including coaching, challenges, and seminars.

Woman Holding Cigarette

Your goal is to improve the health of your employee population. Our Nicotine Cessation services are here to help with that by using motivational tactics, not traditional scare tactics, to encourage individuals to kick the habit.

Intensive Diabetic Care For Patients with Type 2 Diabetes

Our Health Improvement Program is designed to target and support any of your employees suffering from chronic conditions through ongoing outreach, education, and mentorship.

Top manager office

This specialty service is perfect for your busy executives, key employees, and their families to guide them through all of their healthcare needs and be on call to solve problems.

Taking blood pressue

Your Onsite Health Specialist is the go-to person for your employees to guide them through their wellness program. They provide regular onsite services and engagement.

Prescription Medication

Our goal is to make health care less complicated. This service achieves this by helping you and your employees better navigate the world of prescription medications.

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