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Pharmacy Advocacy

We know that navigating the complicated world of prescription medications and pharmacy interactions can be difficult. Health Plan Advocate is here to help you and your employees through our advocacy services.

What is Pharmacy Advocacy?

HPA's Pharmacy Advocacy services provide guidance to your employees on their medications. Our helpful team includes Certified Pharmacy Technicians and Registered Nurses. As part of this program, your employees get an assigned advocate that is on-call to help. Members receive answers and guidance regarding both specialty and non-specialty prescriptions, as well as assistance resolving any issues at the pharmacy.

Health Plan Advocate

Benefits of Pharmacy Advocacy

Our advocacy services provide tremendous value for your most vulnerable members — those with chronic conditions. 

Here's how our program can help:

  • Independent review of claims for harmful drug interactions and medication alternatives

  • Advising on tablets vs. capsules and brand name vs. generic

  • Monitoring medication refills

  • Reducing number of medications

  • Compounding recommendations to physicians

  • Examination of claims for potentially fraudulent activity

  • Accountability for members to keep them compliant on their therapies

  • Unbiased help from a team independent from the medical provider, pharmacy, and insurer

This program provides members with the accountability and resources to stay compliant with their medication therapy, improving their long-term health and reducing your plan's long-term costs.

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