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Executive Health Concierge

HPA's Executive Health Concierge is a specialty service that provides your busy executives, key employees, and their families with a personal guide for all their healthcare needs.

HPA's concierge will support this area of your organization by handling many

time-consuming tasks involved in today's healthcare system.

How Does an Executive Concierge Provide Value?

Our trusted team is adept at dealing with both medical providers and insurers to get quick results.

This service benefits the employer and employees by:

  • Enhancing internal privacy protection for your executives and their families

  • Providing unbiased help from a team independent from both the medical provider and insurer

  • Freeing up additional time for your executives

  • Reducing benefit staff expense, freeing up more of their time

  • Allowing for direct access to a personal agent educated on your specific benefit program and dedicated to your needs

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