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Health Improvement Program

Traditionally called a Disease Management Program, we prefer to call our service a Health Improvement Program in an effort to curb a negative stigma. This program combines health and lifestyle coaching for health plan members suffering from chronic conditions.

The goal of this program is to support your most vulnerable members and create lasting improved health through lifestyle change exploration and medication compliance.

Inside the Health Improvement Program

Chronic conditions take a huge toll on your affected employees and your health plan. HPA's Health Improvement Program is here to help.

Health Plan Advocate Health Improvement Program

Here's how the program works:

  • HPA will identify your members with costly conditions

  • Your Health Improvement Coordinator will enroll and give ongoing support to interested members

  • Members will receive regular coaching, challenges, and more

  • HPA tracks and reports on program participation, medication compliance, emergency room visits, hospitalizations, and more

The Health Improvement Program is a great fit for conditions such as:


Congestive Heart Failure



Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease


Coronary Artery Disease

Your Health Improvement Team

HPA offers a diverse team of health professionals to help your most vulnerable members get the support they need in their health journey.

Registered Nurses

Our team has the medical background to give science-based guidance.

Certified Pharmacy Technicians

Our team is knowledgeable in chronic disease prescriptions and  can monitor medication compliance.

Experienced Health Coaches

Our health coaches use motivational interviewing techniques to get results.

Health Improvement Coordinator

Your Health Improvement Coordinator is the point person for the program, building mentorship relationships with members.

HPA Health Improvement Program Participant

"[She] is very easy to talk to and has built a relationship with both my wife and I to help us be as healthy as we can be."
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