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Wellness Portal

The HPA Wellness Portal has all the tools to help your employees connect and pursue greater health and well-being. This portal is designed to achieve high employee engagement through its pillars of social connection, active learning, self-efficacy, and education.


Your portal will be personalized to your company logo, branding colors, specific wellness needs, and culture.

Customizable Portal Tools

Features available in the HPA Wellness Portal:

  • Step-by-step onboarding for employees

  • Personalized design with company logo and branding colors

  • Health Risk Assessment and Biometric reporting

  • Social and Financial Wellness

  • Event Calendar

  • Wellness Challenges

  • Health Habits and Journeys

  • Incentive Tracking and Management

  • Wellness Library and Health Programs

  • Online Exercise Videos, Wellness Courses,          and Mental Well-Being Resources

  • Online Health Trackers

  • Integration with health devices and apps

  • Mobile App

Wellness360 Portal Image.png

Schedule a Demo

Email us at or call us at 616-575-0211 ext. 210 to schedule a free demo of our wellness portal.

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