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Health and Wellness Program
Employee Wellness Program
Corporate Wellness Provider
Health Plan Advocate

Health Plan Advocate has been supporting employers' benefit programs by offering customizable employee health and well-being services since 2001!

Improve Your Employees' Well-Being

We offer a range of a la carte services to complement your health care plan. Learn more about how our services can help you maximize your employee benefits.

Health Plan Advocate Wellness Program Consulting
Health Plan Advocate Health Assessment
Health Plan Advocate Wellness Portal
Health Plan Advocate Engagment & Education
Health Plan Advocate Nicotine Cessation
Health Plan Advocate Health Improvement
Health Plan Advocate Executive Health Concierge
Health Plan Advocate Onsite Health Specialist
Health Plan Advocate

The HPA Advantage

We're here to make wellness easy and impactful on an individual level. Our team of experienced professionals will provide extensive member communication, marketing, and follow-up to reach all of your employees.


Find out more about our wellness solutions that result in improved health, health care plan savings, increased employee productivity, and measurable progress.

Hear From Our Clients

Employee of HPA Client

"I wanted to tell you 'thank you' for all the times you helped with my questions. I really appreciated all you and the staff I dealt with, did for me. I've never worked with such a fantastic groups of people who care about what they are doing."
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