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Osteoporosis Awareness

Written by Nicole Griswold

Lack of preventative care is a huge reason as to why so many people eventually suffer from ongoing chronic disease. With so many risk factors being asymptomatic, anyone who avoids regular visits with a physician, usually have no idea their health is in a downward spiral until it’s too late.

Unfortunately, osteoporosis is becoming one of the leading health issues contributing to long term unemployment due to disability. Osteoporosis is also known as the “silent disease” because it is nearly impossible to tell if someone is suffering from the low bone density disease, unless they are directly tested for it.

Luckily, we have pin pointed a good amount of risk factors that can keep us aware if we are most at risk than others for acquiring the disease. Like all health related risk factors, some are preventable and others are just the hand that we are dealt.

Take a look at just some of the following factors that could put you at risk for Osteoporosis –


  1. Female

  2. Old age

  3. White or Asian ethnicity

  4. Small body frame

  5. Family history of Osteoporosis

  6. Menopause before age 45

  7. Previous bone fractures

  8. Loss of height with older age


  1. Physical inactivity

  2. Low calcium and vitamin D intake

  3. Smoker

  4. Excessive alcohol and caffeine intake

  5. Low strength/physical capabilities

  6. Poor posture

  7. Excessive soda consumption

  8. Various medications

How many of those apply directly to you? More importantly, how many of the modifiable factors can you change? Focus on controlling what you can as much as possible.  If multiple non-modifiable factors also come into play, it is recommended to seek care or testing from a physician.

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