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Monday Mourning

Written by Nahshon Cook-Nelson

My first job was working at a fresh food market in the 11th grade Finally it was my chance to get my own wage

Even more than getting paid I was thrilled for the friends and new relationships to be made

And on that first day I…

Found out it was a masquerade Most weren’t filled with praise but self-pity

Constantly complaining Dramatically draining

Persistently persuading themselves and each other That their place of work was an utter, sentence to chains

Specifically on that first day of the week There was a sense of mourning More people grew meek Seeking to pull themselves from the present

As I look around today Lots of things seem the same way

Now this may sound dumb But I think most have grown numb To the feeling they first had walking in the door The urge to try new things and explore

Whether it was 9 to 5 or 8 to 4 We were passionate about the struggle and the growth But now, we’ve grown sore

We are not required to live this way any. more.

If our work has truly brought us to the stage of worry then let it be discontinued And our refugee begin

Otherwise, the only reason we complain is if we know of something better within Where every Monday we can pull in to work with a grin

We may approach those whose internal lights have grown dim But we will spread the notion of TGIM

Where many have felt the need to plead until their last working minute has struck We will feed the seeds to give our best until our time is up

We can defeat this feeling that is so alluring Give gratitude instead of complaints. So our joy is ever enduring

When agony rises and moments seem boring Let us fight back so it is NEVER “just another Monday Mourning”

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