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Humor Me This!

Written by Jamal Mack

Did you know April was National Humor Month?  Humor is commonly referred to as the spice of life.  It can turn a negative situation into a positive and it can turn your frown upside down.  Humor has been scientifically proven to have various wellness benefits such as decreasing stress hormones and increasing cell strength in immune- and infection-fighting antibodies.  When it comes to improving your body’s natural defense system, humor is nothing to laugh at. (Get it?)

But enough of my HILARIOUS pay-per-view worthy jokes; I think it is important to honor the people who thought life in April was too serious and decide to make it funnier for each and every one of us.  Comedian and best selling author Larry Wilde founded National Humor Month in 1976 with the goal in mind that everyone share life’s humor, laughter and mirth.  Fittingly enough, National Humor month kicks off with April Fool’s Day, a day usually involving pranking on a mass scale and as a result, grants humor, good feels, and the occasional angry, yet forgiving “prankee” or victim.

If National Humor Month were celebrated in medieval times, hats off to the court jester all month long.  Since it only started a mere 41 years ago, we have some making up to do for lost time.  This month, I encourage you to tap into your funny bone and make the world a little funnier by making someone heartily giggle at your fun, yet safe, humorous antics.

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