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Find Your Balance – It’s National Work & Family Month

Written by Dan Mata

This national observance is one that many people look past, or yet, don’t even know it exists. National Work and Family month is all about our work-life balance, which some may have down better than others. Statistically, work-life balance is becoming much more difficult to “balance.” Many employers have been attempting to make true work-life balance a reality for employees; however, it isn’t becoming as attainable as we want it to be. It is said that at least 1 in 4 Americans describe themselves as “super stressed.” Many of us are trying to manage heavy workloads, relationships with families, along with our outside interests. Life can be very overwhelming, and with that, our stress level rises. It’s true that we all will experience some level of stress, (we need some amount of stress challenge us and help us grow), but it is important that we learn how to manage it. Keep in mind that as our stress levels spike, it makes it harder for us to maintain good health. Weight loss becomes harder, overall mood is decreased, sleep can become worse, and etc. There are countless ways stress negatively affects you but there is good news. For every one bad way stress can affect you there are ways to combat and even prevent high stress levels.

Here are some practical steps that you can implement to kick the stress and bring that work-life balance back!

At Work

  • Set manageable goals each day

  • Be efficient with your time at work

  • Ask for flexibility

  • Take a five-minute break

  • Tune in to your favorite listening pleasure

  • Communicate effectively

  • Make sure you take your lunch break, away from your desk, and all other breaks allotted to you

At Home

  • Unplug from technology

  • Make sure home responsibilities are evenly distributed and clearly outlined

  • Don’t over commit – say ‘no’ to over scheduled activities

  • Get support from friends and family

  • Take advantage of your company’s Employee Assistance Program

  • Stay Active – regular exercise reduces stress, depression and anxiety

  • Treat your body right – being healthy increases your tolerance to stress

  • Get help if you need it

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