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Biking to Work - How to Incorporate into Your Program

Written by Toni Sperlbaum

May is National Bike to Work Month.  While not all workplaces are easily accessible by bike or perhaps your employees are too spread out geographically to commit to doing this, there are still plenty of other ideas you can incorporate into your wellness program for the month of May and beyond!

  1. Encourage employees to Bike to Work!  It can’t hurt to put it out there.  Designate one morning where, if employees show up by bicycle, they can get free coffee, fruit, oatmeal, water, prizes, and more!  (notice the healthy food correlation?  No donuts!)

  2. Host a Bike Safety Workshop.  HPA is actively promoting FREE Bike Safety courses right now, coming right to your workplace!  Whether your employees are riding to work or not, you can always encourage them to log bike miles throughout a certain time frame and host a free class on how they can ride safe.

  3. Don’t assume employees won’t ride to work.  Give them a chance! Maybe they won’t because there isn’t a bike rack to lock up their wheels.  Set up the environment so you’re removing the barriers and excuses.

  4. Set up a bike miles challenge.  Have employees log miles on their bike for a couple of weeks.  Do a drawing for one random participant and give a prize to the one who logged the most miles, and one who logged the most trips.  Encourage family participation.

  5. Provide free bike maps of trails in your area.  Or, even providing a handout that teaches employees the safety signals and rules of the road.

Contact us at HPA if you’d like assistance with any of the above programming.  Ride on!

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