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Beyond The Scale

Written by Kelly Murray

When we work on improving our health, it is easy to get caught up at looking at the number on the scale. Our bodies are amazing, and we need to pay attention to other changes that are happening in addition to weight loss. Sometimes these are referred to as “non-scale victories” or NSVs. These NSVs show that all of the hard work you are putting in is actually paying off! Be patient. Take a step back from the scale.  Listen to your body and the look for the signs that show you are moving in the right direction.


  • Less bloating

  • Clothes fitting better

  • Wedding ring fitting better

  • Can lift heavier

  • Can play with kids/family/pets

  • Increased balance

  • Exercising longer, harder, faster

  • Glowing skin

  • Fewer blemishes

  • No more under eye circles

  • Less painful/stiff joints

  • Improved blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar

  • Less heartburn

Mood & Emotion

  • Feel happier

  • More optimistic

  • Less stressed

  • Improved mental health

  • Less anxious

  • Less depression

Sleep & Energy

  • Sleeping more

  • Fall asleep easier and sleep more soundly

  • Awake feeling refreshed

  • More energy

  • No more mid day slump

  • Need less caffeine

Food Behaviors

  • Listening to your body

  • Practice mindful eating

  • Eat to satiety

  • No more binging

  • Identify cravings vs. hunger

  • Fewer cravings

  • No more guilt or shame after eating

What are some non-scale victories that you’ve encountered?

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