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“Ballin'” Wellness Programs

Written by Toni Sperlbaum

When it comes to wellness, there are so many fun and creative program ideas out there.  Inevitably, our creative juices stop flowing and we’re stuck trying to come up with the next best and engaging program.  Summertime can help you out with this, however, bringing many more opportunities that aren’t available throughout the year.

simplefun, and relatively affordable summertime option are LEAGUES!  Kickball leagues, softball leagues, dodgeball leagues, beach volleyball leagues – you name it!  Not only do they get employees out and moving, they promote healthy competition, employee moral, and relationships outside of the workplace. Usually lasting 6 weeks or so, this is a minimal time commitment bringing many benefits to employees. Check with your local parks and rec department to check out a schedule and promote a team sign up to your employees.  It takes relatively little planning on your end other than getting the information out.  I always encourage that if an employer were to promote to employees, that the employees should have some skin in the game – maybe they pay for half the cost, or pay $20 each.  That way, your team doesn’t slowly dwindle away over the season because employees have an investment as well.  Even better?  Get key leadership or middle management to sign up.  Leading by example is incredibly powerful.  Not to mention, getting some team t-shirts created will get your company’s name out there, which is always a good thing.

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