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Pharmacy Advocacy

Pharmacy Advocacy

Our advocacy services help fulfill our mission to provide healthy outcomes for employers, their health plans, and their employees. You receive access to our credentialed staff of nurses and certified pharmacy technicians who are knowledgeable in medication therapies and their cost. Assisting members directly on both specialty and non-specialty prescriptions, our team provides you and your members with answers and guidance on a variety of pharmacy related items:

  • An assigned advocate for member questions and concerns

  • Independent review of claims for harmful drug interactions and medication alternatives

  • Accountability for members - keeping them compliant on their therapies

  • Examination of claims for potentially fraudulent activity

  • Unbiased help from a team independent from the medical provider, pharmacy, and insurer


Our advocacy services provide tremendous value for your most vulnerable members - those with chronic conditions. Members who are working with their assigned advocate have a go-to resource who keeps them compliant with their medication therapy, thus improving their long-term health and reducing your plan's long-term costs.

This program comes at no cost to the member and serves as an easy access point for information and assistance


Wellness Program Benefits

  • Creates a culture of health and wellness to drive down long-term claim costs

  • Builds awareness of the current health status of your organization

  • Promotes early intervention, prevention & healthy lifestyles

  • Improves employee morale and loyalty

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Corporate Wellness Services from HPA

Every organization has it's own unique culture, so our wellness programs are tailored specifically for each of our clients. We work with you to design and implement a plan to meet your culture, needs, and budget. This custom-build approach has helped us attain high levels of member participation - more than double the national average!  


Our wellness programs help employers ensure the long-term sustainability of their health insurance benefits by guiding their employees to healthy lifestyles. Our staff of certified health care professionals designs programs to help employees prevent illness, identify risk factors of potential illnesses, and implement strategies for healthy change. We help employees thrive!

Wellness Program Consulting:

  • Building employee engagement - not just participation, we want your employees enthused and engaged

  • Incentive design - premium discounts, HSA/HRA contributions, paid time off, insurance plan design changes, bonuses, gift cards

  • Incentive strategy - outcomes-based versus participation-based

  • Legal compliance - review of current and pending legislation impacting your wellness program 

  • Evaluation - data driven assessment of what is, and what isn't, working for continuous improvement



Provides objective data for measurable trends over time.



Connecting your workforce with online prevention and social support.



Individual and group efforts based on best practices.


Tapping into individual needs, motivation, and strengths.



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Putting prevention to action through educational programs on fitness, nutrition, financial wellness, and mental health.



Using the spirit of competition to get people moving and to create healthy habits.


Health Improve

Health Improvement Program

Traditionally called a Disease Management program, we prefer to call this a Health Improvement program in an effort to curb a negative stigma.  

This program provides support for those suffering with the most preventable (and often, most expensive) chronic conditions. Members receive assistance with medication compliance along with health and lifestyle coaching. Our Registered Nurses and Certified Health & Wellness Coaches guide members toward the goal of lasting improved health, which helps manage costs for both the member and the health plan. 

  • Members diagnosed with and taking medications for Coronary Artery Disease, Diabetes, Asthma, COPD, Hypertension, Depression, and Congestive Heart Failure will be asked to join a voluntary program to help them improve their health.

  • Members will learn all about their condition, including the importance of medication compliance and lifestyle.

  • With coaching foundations of Motivational Interviewing, members will work through and set goals that are attainable, fit in their stage of readiness, and be held accountable in following up with that goal.  Sessions are quarterly, bi monthly, or monthly, depending on the needs and goals of the member. 

  • HPA tracks ER visits, hospitalizations, medication compliance, and more.  

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Health Concierge

Our concierge supports busy executives, key employees, and their families by handling many time-consuming tasks involved in today's healthcare system. Acting as an advocate on behalf of your employees and their families, our concierge connects directly with provider and insurers for solutions such as: 

  • Choosing a provider

  • Arranging and scheduling medical services

  • Researching prescription questions, concerns, and options

  • Explaining EOB's and billing terms

  • Assisting with complex health issues

  • Resolving billing discrepancies

  • Verifying the status of claims

  • Clarifying available benefits

  • Coordinating and scheduling executive physicals

Other benefits for the employer and employees: 

  • Enhanced internal privacy for your executives and their families

  • Unbiased help from a team independent from both the medical provider and insurer

  • Additional time for your executives

  • Reduced benefit staff expense, freeing them from these very personal conversations

Our trusted team of nurses and health coaches are adept at dealing with both medical providers and insurers to get results, quickly.  

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