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Healt Management

Health Management Services

HPA works with Third Party Administrators and employers to help the member meet the pre-certification requirements that often confuse and irritate members and health care workers.

  • Inpatient utilization review/continued stay

  • Outpatient review (mental health, substance abuse, cardiac rehab, PT, OT, and speech therapy)

  • Hospice review, inpatient and home

  • Durable medical equipment review

  • Skilled nursing facility admissions (SNFs, LTAC)

  • Care coordination & case management

  • Physician & hospital referral assistance

  • Second opinion & appeals assistance

  • Discharge planning & coordination

  • Home health care coordination

  • Bill negotiation

  • Precertification

  • Prescription assistance

  • Maternity management

  • Pre-determination recommendations

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Patient Advocacy

We’re here to help you get the most, in ways you may have never imagined. Some of our advocate services include:

An Advocate To Help You Navigate The Healthcare System

  • Help with choosing a physician or other health provider

  • Answering questions about health concerns for member or a family member

  • Arranging needed medical services

  • Second opinion & appeals assistance

  • Billing questions

  • Prescription assistance

This program comes at no cost to the member and serves as an easy access point to information and assistance

Patient Advocacy

Wellness Services

Creating a culture of wellness is the best and most economical way to reduce business healthcare expenses. We identify health risks and develop action plans that promote healthier employees and save on healthcare costs. Over time, HPA services can save its clients money with reduced healthcare and workman’s compensation costs, and less employee sick days.

Our wellness services provide expert resources that offer employers objective and measurable results with high levels of member participation (more than double the national average) at an affordable price. Our staff of certified health care professionals provide support and encouragement to members.

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Wellness Consulting Services Highlights:

  • Completely a la carte service menu to tailor to the needs of the client

  • Establishment & measurement of goals

  • Custom designed wellness programs to maximize productivity & reduce healthcare expenses

  • Health screenings & health risk assessments

  • Incentive programs & engagement 

  • Employee communication campaigns

  • Interpretation of data with executive reporting



Provides objective data for measurable trends over time.



Connecting your workforce with online prevention and social support.



Individual and group efforts based on best practices.


Tapping into individual needs, motivation, and strengths.




Managers are 70% responsible for wellness participation.  Build leadership skills to enhance culture and positive wellness results. 


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Putting prevention to action through educational programs like fitness classes, challenges, and educational seminars.



Built environment can affect wellness results and can reduce costs, especially workman's compensation and medical claims. 



Disease Management Program

Traditionally called a Disease Management program, we prefer to call this a Health Improvement program in an effort to curb a negative stigma.  

This program provides support for those suffering with the most preventable (and often, most expensive) chronic conditions. Members receive assistance with medication compliance along with health and lifestyle coaching. Our Registered Nurses and Certified Health & Wellness Coaches guide members toward the goal of lasting improved health, which helps manage costs for both the member and the health plan. 

  • Members diagnosed with and taking medications for Coronary Artery Disease, Diabetes, Asthma, COPD, Hypertension, Depression, and Congestive Heart Failure will be asked to join a voluntary program to help them improve their health.

  • Members will learn all about their condition, including the importance of medication compliance and lifestyle.

  • With coaching foundations of Motivational Interviewing, members will work through and set goals that are attainable, fit in their stage of readiness, and be held accountable in following up with that goal.  Sessions are quarterly, bi monthly, or monthly, depending on the needs and goals of the member. 

  • HPA tracks ER visits, hospitalizations, medication compliance, and more.  

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We Help Take the Challenge Out of Healthcare, HPA:

  • Promotes early intervention, prevention & wellness

  • Educates patients about treatment options & directs patients to quality, cost effective choices

  • Educates members about participating providers for greater savings

  • Lowers claims costs by better coordination of claims payment & managed care process

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