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Workplace Wellness
Biometric Screens
Wellness Services

Biometric Screenings

Knowing your numbers is often the first step to setting health goals, both for a member and for an organization.  Screenings provide a measurable data set for companies to identify the areas of concern and gaps in care.

HPA specializes in a superior onsite health screening experience. 

  • Set up right at your workplace

  • HIPAA compliant,15 minutes each

  • Results are instant via a finger poke. 

  • Include a review of results, providing an immediate coaching opportunity.  

Screenings include all marketing materials you may need to communicate with your members. 
There are no screening minimums for screenings. 

Total Cholesterol





Waist Circumference

Body Fat %
Blood Pressure


Nicotine Testing

Flu Shots


Optional Add Ons

After the screenings, HPA provides:

  • In-depth reporting for plan designers with recommendations on next steps

  • Aggregate data to the employer

  • A compliancy list indicating who participated and has met specific criteria  

  • Follow up high risk calls to members

  • Survey on member's experience


Physician Forms
If you are looking to forgo onsite screenings, HPA can also provide and collect physician forms, encouraging members to find a doctor and/or maintain their relationship with them by completing their recommended physicals.  Once the submission deadline has passed, all of the above "after screening" services will be provided (with the exception of a screening survey)

HPA Office and Lab Partners

For clients located near Grand Rapids, members can make an appointment and visit HPA's office for their screening.  This is a great option for members who miss the onsite screening or need to make other arrangements for a variety of reasons.  

HPA also partners with a variety of labs where members can complete their screening, especially helpful for clients outside of the Grand Rapids area.  


Health Plan Advocate believes in a positive approach to nicotine cessation, avoiding scare tactics and following the best science.  

  • Health Coaching: 1-on-1 conversations as a tailored approach to meeting the member where they are at in regards to their quit journey.  Our Certified Health and Wellness Coaches use motivational interviewing to identifying their barriers, strengths, support systems, motivation to quit, and more. 

  • Nicotine Cessation Course: Our Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist leads members through a 6 week live class providing guidance to quit smoking in a support group discussion environment.  Classes flow through behavioral, cognitive, and tangible modifications to help participants identify triggers, reasons to quit, prepare for quitting, provide tools to assist, pharmacotherapy, and more. 

  • Nicotine Testing: This test provides an instant result by mouth swab measuring nicotine present in the blood from all sources of nicotine, including e-cigarettes.

  • Carbon Monoxide Monitoring: Measures CO2 levels to identify the amount in the body  This test is great for measuring increased or reduced cigarette or cigar use.  

  • Marketing Campaigns

  • Policy Design Assistance: We provide expertise and guidance in implementing hiring, tobacco free campus, and other policies. 

Nicotine Cessation
Nicotine Cessation

Wellness Portal

This completely customizable, mobile friendly, and HIPAA compliant portal offers:

  • Biometric results

  • Health Risk Assessment

  • Screening and Event Scheduler

  • Objective Based Programs and Compliancy Reporting

  • Wearable Device Syncronization

  • Corporate Challenges (steps, water, nutrition and more!)

  • Points Programs

  • Rewards Store

  • Exercise, Nutrition, Water, Sleep and Mood Trackers

  • Social Media Boards

  • Medical Cost Predictor

  • Health Coaching

  • Online Classes

  • Library of Education

  • Recorded Webinars

  • and more!

computer on desk.jpg.png

Health Coaching

​Coaching is a tailored approach to meeting members where they are at.  

  • Coaches are Certified Health and Wellness Coaches trained in motivational interviewing and wearing a "coach" hat

  • Onsite or telephonic

  • Nutrition, movement, stress management, nicotine cessation, condition management, sleep assistance, and more

Coaching is a great additional benefit to members, giving them an expert to consult and someone to help them meet their health goals.  The program can be offered on a voluntary basis or as a step in a wellness program, a points opportunity, or reasonable alternative option.

Health Coaching




Webinar (live or recorded) or onsite formats, 30-60 minute classes are available in areas of body, nutrition, mental health, financial wellness, and nicotine and e-cigarettes.

Fitness Class.png

Fitness Classes

Give your members an onsite benefit by bringing fitness to them!  Zumba, yoga, hula hoop fitness, bootcamp, 20/20/20, stretching, and more are available onsite and now via live streaming.

Tips 1.jpg

Corporate Challenges

Programs are designed to put healthy habits to practice and build lifestyle change.  One week, multi-weeks, or multi-months in length, options include pedometer challenges, weight loss, exercise, financial wellness, stressbusting, healthy eating, and more

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