There is a growing body of success stories emerging from clients who work with Health Plan Advocate. From employees who have turned around their health after decades of struggling with weight problems and the resulting health fallout – to employers who have seen enthusiastic company wide participation in health challenges – we are commited to making a positive difference for our clients.

“We’ve enjoyed working with Health Plan Advocate for about two years now. They administer our wellness program, which involve biometrics, reporting, and program implementation. As a self insured company, we had been involved with wellness programs since 2005, previously going it alone-and also using an out of state vendor. The advantages Health Plan Advocate has provided us include a blend of scientific research and biometrics, and a locally accessible wellness program resource with a knowledgeable team that cares about our program success.”
Mary-Frances Oliphant, HR Director, Schupan & Sons

Wellness Case Study

HPA was approached by a consultant working with a non-profit client with the goal of implementing a wellness program to help address the rising costs of their healthcare plan. The first step was to form a Wellness Committee to deal with a health plan that was averaging an 18% per increase in the last couple of years compared to an organizational budget that was only increasing at a 3.5% per year. The Wellness Committee consisted of representation from the agency’s four union groups, their professional team and their Executive Director. They were tasked with working on wellness recommendations, programming, and to help communicate recommendations to all employees and created the mission statement:
“Our mission is to help control costs by understanding the issues impacting the continual increasing cost of employee benefits and by committing to a healthier lifestyle through employee involvement.”

Wellness Committee responsibilities included:

Their accomplishments:

HPA tracked participants that participated in the first year and were still employed in year five. Following are some of the results:

Bottom Line Results

Prior to the start of the Wellness Program, the Agency’s health care costs were increasing at the rate of 18% per year. At the end of the first five years of the program, the Agency’s health care costs were essentially flat. In year one of the program, costs averaged $7,975 per contract, in year five the cost of the average contract was $8,074!

The program continues to experience above average participation rates and the Health Committee continues to seek ways to keep the program fresh and interesting for members.

“When we first started working with Health Plan Advocate, I knew I was not in good shape. Then, I saw my Health Risk Assessment and I knew I had to do something. The wonderful team at Health Plan Advocate helped identify my problems, changed my thoughts about my health, helped motivate me and provided great support with my fitness program. I’m proud to say that at 66, I’m in better shape than I was in 30 years ago. I’ve lost 40 lbs., no longer need my diabetes or blood pressure medicine, and was able to avoid taking statins. My blood markers went from very concerning, to excellent. I highly recommend Health Plan Advocate as a way to improve the health of your team.”
David Selleck, Pastor, United Methodist Church

“Our friends at Health Plan Advocate have successfully implemented our wellness challenges, health screenings, and onsite health coaching programs. During their time with us, the professionals at Health Plan Advocate have become part of our team and consistently demonstrate their expertise and commitment. They’re always open to new ideas, and can work out implementation for just about anything. In fact, the answer is never “no,” it’s always, “let’s see what we can do to make this work the best for you.”

With Health Plan Advocate, our team has maintained a healthy standard with their overall health improving. We are now focusing on chronic diseases and illnesses through onsite health coaching model. The success of our wellness program is both because Health Plan Advocate offers a strong program, and because they have a talented team to back it up that our employees are comfortable with and look forward to interacting with.

I highly recommend Health Plan Advocate.”
Antoinetta Freeman, Human Resources Business Partner, Greatland Corporation